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SVDP Operational Status 

LAST UPDATE: July 5, 2023  

Furniture Assistance:  

  1. We are accepting new requests for furniture and if approved for a voucher then one must register for Saturday distribution and delivery as described in #2 below.   Any items delivered will be dropped off outside one's residence.  The recipient will be responsible for transporting items inside.  For more information on how to request furniture please click here.

  2. For clients with furniture vouchers, please register by no later than Midnight Thursday to be eligible for that Saturday's distribution. We no longer have you come to our warehouse instead we will call you.  We begin calling at 8 AM on Saturday morning and must reach you to begin the process.  If we reach you we will then have someone from our warehouse call you and describe what furniture is available.  If you select something you will then receive a 3rd call which will be from our delivery volunteers who in most cases will deliver the furniture to the front of your building later that morning

  3. Our capacity limits the number of registrations we can accept for Saturday distributions.  Once that limit is reached subsequent registrations will be for the Saturday of the following week unless otherwise noted.    

Furniture Donations  We offer free pickups if the furniture is in a garage or driveway or at the front entrance.  While the pickups are free,  a voluntary donation of $5 or more to help cover our fuel costs to be given to the driver would be greatly appreciated.  We are currently accepting dropoffs on Wednesdays between 10 am and 2 pm and on Saturday mornings between 8 am and 11 am.  For more information on dropping furniture off or to schedule a pickup click here.   

Financial Assistance:    Click here for more information including shutdowns due to capacity limits.  

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