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Did you know that you can donate that old car or boat or ANY vehicle with a title and have the proceeds from the sale go directly to our local Bloomington St. Vincent de Paul Society to help people in need?  Everything is handled by the St. Vincent de Paul National Car Program, including FREE pick up of your vehicle and tax deduction documentation. 



To donate your vehicle just fill out this form and then schedule a free pickup by calling


  • Thank you!

  • To schedule a pickup call 800-322-8284

  • Please let the auction company know the proceeds from you vehicle are to go to the Indianapolis Council's Bloomington Indiana Conference 

  • Thank you again for donating your vehicle.

If you want to find out more about the process before you donate please contact

Bloomington St. Vincent de Paul at (812) 961-1510 and leave a message on ext. 5 or email and a local SVDP volunteer will be in touch to explain the details and answer any questions you might have.  


Remember, there are many organizations promoting vehicle donations, but this is the ONLY program where you can be assured that the proceeds from the sale of your old vehicle will benefit your local St. Vincent de Paul mission to help our neighbors living in poverty.



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