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Furniture Ministry
Home Visit Volunteers
Volunteers can visit by phone or go in pairs to visit in person those that are in need and hear their story. In the face of unemployment, illness, or other emergency situations, we offer comfort, information on community resources, and, if possible, financial assistance for purposes like rent, utilities, medical co-pays, and deposits. Home Visitors can also assess furniture needs and may issue a voucher to receive donated furniture and appliances. 
Furniture Volunteers
Volunteers oversee a furniture and appliance distribution center. We pick up furniture donations, organize, distribute, and deliver these items. We also collaborate with other businesses regarding furniture. 
Phone Volunteers
Following training, volunteers answer calls for assistance, make referrals to local organizations and agencies, and/or assign each case to a St. Vincent de Paul Home Visitor.
Interested in Becoming a Volunteer?
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Phone Responders
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