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 Our Hog Roast Sponsors When There Was No Hog Roast 

In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, so many more people than usual were in need of the vital services we provide: financial help for utility, rent, rent deposit, med co-pay bills and vehicle repair. While the funds generated by our annual Hog Roast Festival have been so critical to meet people’s needs, we felt we must cancel the Hog Roast to safeguard the health of our volunteers, our sponsors, and all those who would attend to enjoy the good food, community fellowship, and festivities. The profit from the Festival had seen us through the late summer and early fall for 9 years; however, this summer we needed to ask for help to maintain that level of aid for those we serve.

We reached out to the community in the hope that if businesses and residents were in a position to do so, they would renew their sponsorship to ensure that we could continue to help people remain in their homes, and meet other vital needs.

Bless these wonderful businesses and people who responded with compassion:


  • The Harvey Foundation


  • Tim & Cheri DeBruicker-  Healthcare Associates of Indiana, Inc

Grand Champions

  • K. Lukes Eades, DDS​


  • Barbi and Phil Tapp

  • Bloomington Columbian Home Association

The Prize Winners

  • Chandler Funeral Home

  • Mike Weston

  • Knights of Columbus Assembly 2019


  • Ron and Sally Kofmehl

  • Dennis Smith

  • Knights of Columbus Council 1096

  • Flags Over Indiana

  • Jo and Gene Gilbertson

  • Dennis and Carolyn Smith

  • Ireland Home Based Services LLC

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