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Registration for Saturday Furniture Delivery for Those with Active Furniture Vouchers. 

Alternative Distribution

Please Note: We Must Reach You By Phone on Saturday Morning.   We Begin Calling At 8 AM & Generally Can  Only Make One Attempt To Call.

Registration for Distribution

If you have an existing furniture voucher and wish to be called by SVDP on Saturday morning please fill out the form belowPlease register by no later than midnight Thursday to be eligible for that Saturday's distribution. NOTE: Our capacity limits us to 50 registrations per week for Saturday distributions.  Registration is subject to early closure if that limit is reached.

OUR CALLS START AT 8 AM ON SATURDAY.  Be sure to have your phone on.  We must reach you by phone to get you the furniture.   We may not be able to call your number more than once on Saturday morning.  IF WE DO NOT REACH YOU WILL HAVE TO REGISTER FOR THE NEXT SATURDAY YOU ARE AVAILABLE. 
Note: If you have any problems using this form you may call 812-961-1510 and register by leaving a voice mail on extension 3


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